Penn Dental Medicine Offers Specialized Pediatric Dental Care for Your Family

While there are a variety of options for pediatric dentistry in Philadelphia, you shouldn’t choose just any Philly pediatric dentist  for your family. Expertise, reliability, and reputation matter immensely when entrusting a pediatric dentist to care for your children. Excellent pediatric dental care translates to excellent oral health. Additionally, research shows oral health is one of the biggest factors in evaluating the status of general health.

At the same time, income often determines your access to quality dental care. According to the World Health Organization, oral diseases among children are highest among poor and disadvantaged groups. So how can the need for superior pediatric dentists in Philadelphia be balanced with accessibility for families of all income levels?

Penn Dental Medicine is committed to radically improving oral health among all children. As a dental clinic, we can provide elite-grade pediatric dentistry at highly affordable rates. It’s what sets us apart from all other dental practices in the Philadelphia area. We’re proud to offer you a point-by-point examination of  what it means for your child.

Below, we’ll explain seven unique benefits of care from Penn Dental Medicine’s pediatric dentists in Philadelphia.

Penn Dental Medicine: Your Pediatric Dentist in Philadelphia

Penn Dental Medicine is a teaching clinic of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. That means our dental care is provided by student dentists who are supervised by licensed professionals. Clinical care provides a mutually-beneficial alternative to conventional options; students are granted applied training, and patients have access to a considerably more affordable source of dental care.

But affordability is only one factor to consider when selecting a pediatric dentist. What makes Penn Dental Medicine such an exceptional source for pediatric dentistry? Consider the following benefits:

  1. Association with the University of Pennsylvania
    The University of Pennsylvania is internationally renowned and maintains a special place of prestige within the Philadelphia landscape. As the teaching clinic for UPenn’s School of Dental Medicine, Penn Dental Medicine has a direct association with the University of Pennsylvania. This association ensures patients will receive the highest grade of pediatric dental care.
  2. Elite Dental Resources and Technology
    Penn Dental Medicine’s association with UPenn doesn’t mean we only share its reputation; it means we also have access to all of the University of Pennsylvania ’s cutting-edge dental resources, methods, and technology. Patients of Penn Dental Medicine don’t just receive reliable, affordable care—they receive the best overall care possible.
  3. shutterstock_276007076Exceptional Student Dentists and Supervisors
    The University of Pennsylvania enlists the most skilled, promising students in dental medicine. Likewise, our professors and supervisors are among the most recognized dental professionals. When you are treated at Penn Dental Medicine, your care is provided by tomorrow’s leading dental professionals and supervised by today’s finest dentists currently in practice.
  4. Specialized Dental Services
    Penn Dental Medicine doesn’t simply provide general dental care for your child. We offer a full range of specialized services that you’d ordinarily need to visit a specialist’s practice. These include endodontics, oral medicine, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatrics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and radiology. Of course, we offer top-grade general dentistry, as well.
  5. Full Range of Pediatric Treatments
    Within the umbrella category of pediatrics, Penn Dental Medicine features a broad spectrum of treatment options. Among the services we offer are cleanings, topical fluoride applications, general screenings, sealants, fillings, tooth extractions, and orthodontics. We’ll make sure that the treatments provided are suited to the specific needs of your child.
  6. Accommodations for Anxious Children
    Part of making pediatric care child-specific is adjusting treatments and methods to accommodate each child’s particular physiology and health. Another important element is accommodating their preferences and personality. If your child struggles with anxiety when undergoing dental procedures, Penn Dental Medicine offers the option of treatment under sedation (either at Penn Dental Medicine or Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)) or under general anesthesia at CHOP.
  7. Affordable Access
    Cost isn’t everything—but it certainly is a key factor for most families. Penn Dental Medicine is proud to offer rates that are considerably lower than those of conventional dental practices, as well as flexible payment options.

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