At Penn Dental Medicine, We Believe Every Child Deserves Quality Dental Care

All too often, pediatric dentistry is treated as a privilege. At Penn Dental Medicine, our faculty and student dentists are not satisfied with the limited access to quality dental care, regardless of age. For this reason, we are opening new pathways for children of all backgrounds to have access to pediatric dentistry near Newark.

This is not simply a matter of extending pediatric dentistry to all children. We take accessible dental care a step further and dedicate ourselves to providing children with the highest quality of care available. Most patients in pursuit of affordable pediatric dentistry near Newark are unlikely to consider the University of Pennsylvania hospitals as their cheapest option. They would, however, immediately recognize University of Pennsylvania as among the top dental care providers. The University of Pennsylvania is globally recognized for providing the highest grade of advanced clinical treatments.

At Penn Dental Medicine, we combine advanced training and medical resources from UPenn with exceptionally affordable rates. Doing so helps more families access pediatric dentistry near Newark. We’ll explain how we’ve made this possible below.

A Perfect Alternative for Pediatric Dentistry Near Newark

How can Penn Dental Medicine simultaneously provide advanced, specialized pediatric treatments and offer some of the lowest rates available? It’s because Penn Dental Medicine operates under a different dental practice model. We are a dental teaching clinic, which means our pediatric treatments offer mutual benefits for patients and University of Pennsylvania students alike.

pediatric dentistry near newarkWhat does our status as a dental clinic mean for you and your children? It means their care will be provided by student doctors enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. These students represent tomorrow’s leaders in the field of pediatric dentistry.

Parents are naturally cautious about the care their children receive. Therefore, we ensure treatments are provided by student doctors who have additional specialized training in pediatric dental care. In fact, by the time pediatric dentists receive their licensing, they will have gone through three years of additional training, in addition to standard dental school and residency.

For an extra level of security and reliability, our clinic and student dentists are monitored by licensed dentists.

Teaching clinics like Penn Dental Medicine are able to offer far more affordable rates than conventional dental practices. That means that care is more broadly accessible to families of all income levels. What sets Penn Dental Medicine apart from other teaching clinics, however, is its elite grade of care. Penn Dental Medicine students are some of the world’s brightest, and equipped with the most advanced pediatric dental resources and technology. As a result, patients are able to receive exceptional care at more affordable rates.

Four Reasons to Choose Penn Dental Medicine for Your Children

All parents want what’s best for their children—especially when it comes to their health. Below are four key reasons why Penn Dental Medicine is the ideal option for your family’s pediatric dental care needs.

  1. Penn Dental Medicine provides essential preventive care for children.
    Preventive care is the key to the maintenance of your child’s oral and dental health. Penn Dental Medicine provides children with cleanings, topical fluoride applications, general screenings and more.
  2. We offer effective treatments for children with dental issues.
    If your child has a cavity, dental decay, or another oral condition, we can provide them with the most effective treatments. These include such services as sealants, fillings, tooth extractions.
  3. We make special accommodations for anxious children.
    Many children experience anxiety at the dentist’s office. That’s why we offer the option of sedation for anxious children during dental procedures.
  4. Penn Dental Medicine offers a wide range of speciality care.
    General preventive dentistry is important, but what if your child needs orthodontic treatment or care from a periodontist? Penn Dental Medicine features on-site specialists of every major dental specialty field.

These are just a few of the reasons why Penn Dental Medicine is the top choice for pediatric dentistry. To learn more about pediatric dentistry near Newark, or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.