Every child presents a wide variety of needs as they mature and develop. For new parents, meeting the many demands of their newborn or toddler can be challenging. With how busy the day to day of everyday life is, looking to the future can often seem like an afterthought. Don’t let your child’s pediatric dentistry needs fall to to the wayside.

The truth is that quality pediatric dental care is crucial to your child’s well-being. By starting dental visits early on, you give your child an oral health advantage for years to come. For parents seeking pediatric dentistry near Wilmington, Penn Dental Medicine offers a convenient, high quality, and affordable option.

How Will Your Child Benefit From Pediatric Dentistry Near Wilmington?

We strive to make sure that our young patients enjoy every step of their dental visit. From the moment they come in to the time they leave, our pediatric patients feel comfortable and safe with our friendly pediatric student dentists. Here are three reasons why children love being treated at Penn Dental Medicine:

Child-Friendly Dental Education

pediatric dentistry near WilmingtonOne of the most important aspects of your child’s visit is educating them on proper dental hygiene. These skills must be established early to yield lifetime benefits. Children’s teeth require special care and sufficient technique to avoid the development of cavities. Our friendly, caring dentists show you and your child how to brush properly and develop excellent dental care routines!

Comprehensive Care

Our pediatric student dentists are trained in a wide range of specialties—orthodontia, periodontics, restorative dentistry, etc. That means your child’s dentist will always be considering all the factors that can affect your child’s oral health. If your child is at risk for gum disease or needs early correction of an overbite, our student dentists will be able to identify these needs. Comprehensive care is the best approach to preventing the development of future dental conditions.

A Comfortable Environment

We believe one of the most essential aspects of quality pediatric care is establishing a trusting relationship. Patients may develop a fear of the dentist because their early childhood experiences did not meet their unique needs for a safe and comfortable environment. At Penn Dental Medicine, your child’s sense of security is a top priority. We are careful to communicate well with our pediatric patients so they can understand what’s happening and learn to trust the dentist.

The Penn Advantage: Pediatric Dentistry Near Wilmington

An appointment at Penn Dental Medicine is an investment in your child’s present and future health. Scheduling their first visit will put them on a trajectory towards a healthy, happy future, in which they don’t have to worry about treating chronic dental conditions. At PDM, our students are the future leaders in dentistry. Not only do we ensure quality, but we are also able to offer services at discounted prices because we are a dental school teaching clinic. To make your child’s appointment at one of our dental offices near Wilmington, please call 215-898-8965.