Pediatric Dentistry for your Child’s Health and Well-being

Any child’s healthcare is incomplete without pediatric dental services. Many parents don’t realize the enormous impact that unhealthy teeth can have on their child’s overall wellbeing. Did you know that poor oral health can cause children to miss days of school, which can in turn contribute to poor performance?

What is a pediatric dentist? A pediatric dentist provides dental care specifically for children. The needs of children are different from those of adults because they are still growing and developing. Children are also at higher risk for tooth decay than any other population. More than 20% of American children between the ages of 5 and 11 suffer from at least one untreated cavity, according to the CDC. When left untreated, a cavity will worsen, causing difficulties for the child when chewing, talking, playing, and learning. 

Meanwhile, a child who receives regular pediatric care is at a much lower risk for these health problems. Each visit to the dentist is a preventive measure designed to support your child’s oral health. Regular examinations and dental cleanings ensure that any conditions will be caught and treated early on. 

Pediatric Dentistry: The Penn Dental Difference

At Penn Dental Medicine, we treat infants and children through adolescence to promote excellent oral health care. Our pediatric residents are trained in how to work with children of all ages.

Why choose Penn Dental Medicine? We believe that we are the best provider for your family because of three important things we can offer: affordability, comprehensive care, and a comfortable environment. 


If pricing is a major concern when choosing a provider, then look no further than Penn Dental Medicine. We offer lower rates than what you would normally find at a private dental office because, as a dental school, we are primarily an educational institution

Dental examinations and procedures are performed by pediatric dental residents and predoctoral students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. All services are supervised by experienced pediatric dentists from our faculty. For this reason, we can charge less for pediatric dental services such as cleaning, topical fluoride application, sealants, fillings, extractions, and orthodontics.

Comprehensive Care

Not all dental providers are capable of providing a wide variety of services under one roof. We believe this advantage makes it easier for families to visit the dentist together and get the dental care they need without having to drive to different offices. We realize that oftentimes, it’s already hard for families to plan a single office visit. When your general dentist must refer you to a specialist at another practice, treatment can easily fall by the wayside due to the extra planning this requires.

Little girl with pigtails smiles while brushing teeth. At Penn Dental Medicine, you won’t have to worry about figuring out these logistics because we have specialists ready to serve your family from every area in the field of dentistry. This also helps with continuity of care, because we can streamline services within a single system. Our specialties include:

A Comfortable Environment

We cannot underestimate the importance of beginning dental visits within a safe, comfortable environment. Patients who experience dental trauma during childhood are far less likely to continue making regular visits to the dentist throughout life. Without these preventive visits, it is far more likely that an adult will develop painful dental conditions that are increasingly difficult to treat as time goes on.

We believe that one of the most vital aspects of quality pediatric dentistry is creating a warm, trusting relationship between the patient and the dentist. At Penn Dental Medicine, our dentists are friendly and caring professionals who work hard to ensure that your child feels comfortable. We also emphasize clear communication so that parents are fully involved and educated about their child’s care. 

Plan Your Visit at PDM

If you’re looking for affordability, comprehensive services, and a comfortable environment for your child, we invite you to schedule a visit with us. With regular preventive visits and the correct dental hygiene, your child will be able to enjoy good oral health for many years to come!