Penn Dental Medicine Is the Newark Area’s Premier Dental Care Center

If you’re seeking specialty dental care at an affordable rate, a dental school’s teaching clinic is an ideal solution.

You will want to make sure your specialty dental practice is not only affordable, but also provides high-grade care. To achieve this, choose Penn Dental Medicine for top-quality expertise.

Penn Dental Medicine doesn’t just feature affordable periodontists. Our periodontists are tomorrow’s most promising student dentists, supervised by today’s leading dental professionals. Our care center features specialists from every field of dentistry, so you will have access to an exceptional periodontist near Newark. Learn more below about how you as a patient can benefit from our services.

Care at Our Practice

As a dental teaching clinic, all treatments at Penn Dental Medicine are administered by student dentists. These students belong to the renowned University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. The student dentists are overseen by faculty to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided.

Penn Dental Medicine is a dual-purpose care center, focused on both education and treatments. We offer some of the most affordable rates in the Newark region. Because of our association with the University of Pennsylvania, our student dentists have access to the most advanced medical resources, methods, and technology available. The end product is elite-grade care —without high rates.

Each of the specialty departments of our affordable dental practice (including periodontics) is equipped to provide patients with superior, personalized care.

Periodontal Treatments at Penn Dental Medicine

Are you in need of a dentist near Newark who is equipped to effectively treat your periodontal disease? Keep in mind that the background of your oral health care provider matters. A general dentist cannot perform the same delicate periodontal procedures that a periodontist can.

periodontist near newarkPeriodontal treatments at Penn Dental Medicine include:

At Penn Dental Medicine, our postdoctoral residents and predoctoral students provide patients with periodontal care and advanced procedures to address periodontal conditions. Each resident or student dentist undergoes an additional three years of training in addition to standard dental schooling for elite specialization.

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