How can you tell if you need the specialized care of a periodontist in Philadelphia?

Before you can answer that questions, it may be helpful to have a better understanding of what a periodontist specializes in.

Periodontists are dentists who specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating periodontal diseases, which affect the gums. Periodontists undergo an additional three years of training in issues and treatments related to gum health, gum disease, the placement of dental implants in the gums, and cosmetic periodontal procedures. Penn Dental Medicine is proud to offer exceptional periodontal care at our state-of-the-art teaching clinic.

For patients with certain oral conditions, general dentistry is insufficient and specialized periodontic care is recommended. So, how can you tell if you need oral treatments from a periodontist in Philly?

Below is a set of questions for prospective patients of periodontics in Philadelphia. If the answer to any of them is yes, you should consider undergoing specialized periodontic care.

Are you experiencing gum bleeding?

If you don’t floss regularly or have recently switched to a harder-bristle toothbrush, it’s normal to experience a small degree of bleeding. Abnormal gum bleeding (and abnormal gum sensitivity,) however, is a sign of a periodontal disease.

Are your gums inflamed or visibly receding?

The onset of periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, will cause your gums to become swollen, red, and tender. As the disease persists, the gums may begin to recede further from your teeth.

Do you have persistent bad breath?

There a number of factors that may cause persistent or recurring bad breath, from poor oral hygiene to your bacterial makeup. If you notice bad breath or recurring bad tastes in your mouth, one such cause may be periodontal disease. A specialized periodontist in Philly will be able to determine if this is the case.

Do you need dental implants?

Periodontists are specially trained in the installation of dental implants. If you are in need of this service, a periodontist can provide you with the best care and results.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to speak with a periodontist in Philadelphia. The periodontists at Penn Dental Medicine not only feature the highest grade of training, methods, and medical resources and technology—they also offer Philadelphia-area patients the most affordable specialty care available. To schedule an appointment with one of our periodontists, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.