If you had cancer, you wouldn’t see a general practitioner, right? You would want to see an oncologist! And if you had a hormone disorder, you would need an endocrinologist. Medical specialties exist for a reason. There is so much to learn and to know about the human body that it is impossible for any single person to be an expert in all of it. Instead, we have medical specialists who excel at treating a few things, and advising other medical professionals on how to deal with them.

The same is true of dentistry. There are several fields of specialty in dentistry, and each one involves a different set of dental procedures. Just like you would go to a specialist for a medical condition, you should go to a specialist for your dental condition. But if you need prosthodontic treatment in Philadelphia, what is there to do? It’s an uncommon specialty, and there are no affordable teaching clinics devoted to prosthodontics in Philadelphia, right?

Wrong! Penn Dental Medicine is proud to announce the Penn Dental Medicine Prosthodontics Clinic, the one and only graduate Philadelphia Penn clinic that can meet your needs! Here’s why you should come to this specialist for all your prosthodontics needs.

The Newest and Only Teaching Philadelphia Penn Clinic for Prosthodontics

General dentists train for years to address a huge variety of dental conditions. This huge breadth of knowledge makes a general dentist a fantastic place to go for many dental conditions. However, there are a few dental procedures that a prosthodontist is much better trained for. This is because a prosthodontist recieves years of additional training beyond what is required to practice general dentistry, specifically in prosthodontics.

Because a prosthodontist or a prosthodontist in training like the ones at our new Philadelphia Penn Clinic has years of special training in prosthodontics, they’re someone you can trust with your prosthodontic procedure. The training in designing, creating, and installing dental prostheses means that your prosthodontist can help you get a beautiful smile that you’ve only dreamed about.

The program that we provide for our prosthodontics students is created and overseen by the same expert prosthodontists who will be guiding their hands and your treatment. These professionals are helping educate a new generation of expert Philadelphia PA prosthodontists that the American College of Prosthodontists will be proud to count among its members. This ADA-accredited program prepares our students for the rigorous exam. Ultimately, it gives you the best of both worlds: affordable care and an excellent professional vision for your smile.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a beautiful, healthy smile, find a prosthodontist. Give us a call today to find out about the newest Philadelphia Penn clinic for prosthodontics and what it can do for you.