What motivates you to pick up the phone and make that appointment you’ve been putting off? Life and work can be full of stress, so it’s a shame when tooth pain or just plain self consciousness get added to the mix.

At our new Philadelphia prosthodontic office, we use a patient-centered approach to ensure that everyone who walks through our door will walk out with improved dental health and confidence.

So Why Prosthodontics?

You wouldn’t get treatment from your primary care physician if you had cancer….you would go to an oncologist. Prosthodontists treat specialized conditions that can be caused by stress and/or genetics such as missing, damaged, broken or malformed teeth, temporomandibular disorders, implants, oral pathologies, and more.

Patients who end up in our office often say that they came for aesthetic reasons, grinding, staining, and missing teeth.

A few facts about our program:

  • We are one-of-a-kind in our area! Penn Dental Medicine has the only prosthodontic program in the Philadelphia metropolitan area!
  • We are ADA accredited, meaning that you can trust us to provide quality care that is approved at the ADA level.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology. You probably haven’t seen your dentist using a microscope to ensure exactness in a dental implant or crown procedure. We do! We do this so that you will have the most precise dental care available.

Call us today at 215-898-8965 to schedule your appointment with the only graduate prosthodontic clinic in Philadelphia.!


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