Penn Dental Medicine: Your Best Bet for Prosthodontics

Is a chipped, damaged, or missing tooth causing you stress, pain, or embarrassment? A prosthodontist can examine your condition and determine the most appropriate treatment plan. As you may know, prosthodontists have varying levels of experience in their field. You should evaluate your options and aim to choose the best specialist for the job. When you choose Penn Dental Medicine for prosthodontics near Cherry Hill, you’ll receive the expertise, respect, and compassion you deserve from one of our top prosthodontists.

Five Reasons to Choose PDM Prosthodontics Near Cherry Hill

What makes our care center stand out from the rest? Check out the following five benefits of becoming a patient at Penn Dental Medicine.

  1. prosthodontics near cherry hillAdvanced Equipment. Our prosthodontic program uses state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat patients. Our dentists are able to create custom-fit prostheses with precision, so patients can receive perfect repairs to fit their teeth and mouths.
  2. A Range of Comprehensive Prosthodontic Services. We offer everything you need! The prosthodontic program at PDM includes the following repair services:
  3. Affordable Prices. Because we are a teaching clinic rather than a private practice, we offer affordable rates to patients in the Philadelphia area and surrounding communities. We believe everyone deserves access to quality dental care.
  4. Notable Connections. When you schedule an appointment for prosthodontic services, you will be seen by a student dentist from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. In other words, our highly-trained future-dentists will be able to provide you with exceptional care under the supervision of professional faculty members.
  5. Outstanding Quality of Care. We are patient-centered. This means our dentists and staff members attend to patient needs and comfort levels, first and foremost. When you choose PDM, you can always expect high-quality care and compassion for all of your dental needs.

For help finding the right prosthodontist for you, check out our informative brochure that includes questions to ask a prosthodontist and more details about the specialty field. For prosthodontics near Cherry Hill, schedule an appointment with Penn Dental Medicine. Call 215-898-8965 for more information.