Penn Dental Medicine Is Proud to Feature Advanced Prosthodontic Treatments

Prosthodontics. What exactly does this specialty entail? How can you know if you need prosthodontic care near Newark if you’re not sure what prosthodontics is?

Below, we at Penn Dental Medicine will walk you through everything you need to know about dental prosthodontics, including the prosthodontics definition, the types of patients who need prosthodontics, and the best place to find prosthodontics near Newark, NJ.

What Is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is a specialty field within dentistry that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of issues involving missing, damaged, decayed, or fractured teeth and dental bone structures. A variety of prosthodontic treatments may be prescribed to patients with damaged teeth, including crowns, bridges, and dental prosthetics.

Prosthodontists are dental specialists. In addition to earning a DMD degree, a licensed prosthodontist must complete three additional years of training in a program that has been officially accredited by the American Dental Association. While general dental practitioners may offer basic diagnoses and treatments, patients with damaged teeth require the advanced knowledge, experience, and training of a prosthodontist in order to receive the effective specialty care they need.

Who Needs Prosthodontics?

As noted above, prosthodontists specialize in treating patients with tooth damage. However, the types of patients in need of advanced dental prosthodontics extend far beyond those with chipped or missing teeth.

Featured below are five specific patient profiles, illustrating the patients who will benefit the most from prosthodontic treatment. If one of these patient types matches you and your condition, it’s time to begin looking for prosthodontics near Newark.

  1. Patients with Missing Teeth
    The patients who are most clearly in need of a prosthodontist are those who have lost teeth. Missing teeth may result from a traumatic injury to the mouth, poor oral health, or a combination of these and other factors. Whatever the cause, a prosthodontist can care for the affected residual gum and replace missing teeth with prosthetics.
  2. shutterstock_604284686 (1)Patients with Cracked Teeth
    Cracked teeth typically result from facial injuries or accidental biting into hard substances. When teeth crack, they present a number of issues. First, they can no longer chew properly. Second, your cracked teeth become more susceptible to dental diseases and decay. Third, they may cause severe pain if a nerve has been damaged or exposed. And, finally, they affect your appearance and confidence. Prosthodontists can effectively repair or replace cracked teeth.
  3. Patients with Decayed Teeth
    Oral diseases and insufficient oral hygiene may cause teeth to rot, either internally or comprehensively. Certain genetic factors may make some patients more susceptible to oral diseases and tooth decay. Oral disease and decayed teeth can cause serious health complications, and it is important for affected patients to undergo specialized treatment from a qualified prosthodontist.
  4. Patients with Collapsed Bites
    Prosthodontists don’t simply treat damaged teeth; they also repair impaired bites. Many patients undergo dental and orthodontic treatments but nevertheless have misaligned or dysfunctional bites. Other patients may experience a collapsed bite following the effects of a serious condition, such as oral cancer. If this is the case, the underlying mouth and jaw structure often needs to be repaired.
  5. Patients with Cosmetic Tooth Damage
    Not all tooth damage is a serious threat to dental or overall health. However, a simple chipped tooth may significantly affect the appearance of your smile—and, as a result, your self-confidence. Prosthodontists can repair teeth with cosmetic damage and restore your perfect smile.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Prosthodontics Near Newark?

For patients who fit one or more of the above-listed descriptions, the next step is to find a reliable prosthodontist near Newark. For many patients, affordability is a top priority. Because of the specialized nature of prosthodontics, however, this can often be a difficult task.

Fortunately for Newark patients, there is a superior solution which combines high quality specialized care with affordable rates. At Penn Dental Medicine, the official dental clinic of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, you can receive treatment from promising prosthodontists-in-training, who work under the direct supervision of licensed physicians. This means you can get treated by some of tomorrow’s top prosthodontists, all of whom have access to advanced training, methods, and technology in modern dentistry. And, because Penn Dental Medicine is a training clinic, we are able to offer highly affordable rates for specialized procedures.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment for advanced prosthodontics near Newark, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.