Why You Can Expect More from Prosthodontics Treatment

The word “prosthodontics” may sound like a mouthful to you. “Dont” comes from the Latin word for tooth, “prostho” means “to add or replace.” Prosthodontics is the science of fixing the teeth through sophisticated restorative procedures.

Penn Dental Medicine is home to a prosthodontics program near Wilmington, one of the only of its kind in the area. To give you some perspective: there are about 195,722 general dentists in the country, but only 3,500 practicing prosthodontists nationwide! At Penn Dental Medicine, we are proud to be able to offer Philadelphia’s only graduate program in prosthodontics.

But what does all this mean for you?

When to Consider Visiting a Prosthodontist

Prosthodontics sits at the intersection of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Many procedures seek to improve both the functioning and aesthetics of the teeth. A prosthodontist has the highest level of training of any dentist, which makes them the most qualified for complex treatments where precision is paramount. If you need one of these procedures, you should see a prosthodontist:

Tooth Repair and Replacement

prosthodontics near wilmingtonAccidents happen, cavities develop, gum disease strikes, and your tooth may fall out or need to be removed. When it’s time to visit the dentist for restorative work, a prosthodontist can help you find the ideal solution for your missing tooth. Whether you choose dental implants, crowns, bridges, or a combination of these, a prosthodontist can craft a treatment plan that’s just right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Involving Other Specialties

Many cosmetic procedures require aspects of several dental specialties, such as orthodontics and restorative dentistry. While many cosmetic dentists have taken a course in their area of specialty, a prosthodontist has completed three additional years of training beyond regular dental school. That makes your prosthodontist the most highly-qualified person to manage your cosmetic treatments and coordinate your care with multiple specialists to ensure an excellent outcome.

Mouth Disorder Treatment

If you struggle with bruxism, trauma, cleft palate, a deep vertical overlap, or another disorder, a prosthodontist can help. Complex dynamics are at play in these conditions, which is why you should only trust a specialist to treat them. A prosthodontist knows the best strategies for each of these and has expertise in oral surgery, should you require it.

Affordable Prosthodontics Near Wilmington

While prosthodontics may be extensive at other practices, Penn Dental Medicine offers prosthodontic services at affordable rates to all our patients. Because we operate alongside  with the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, we can provide care to patients at lower-than-market prices. Our student prosthodontists are at the final stage of their training and receive oversight from our experienced faculty dentists. Choose Penn Dental Medicine for your restorative and cosmetic treatment, and you’ll benefit from both quality and affordability! To learn more about prosthodontics near Wilmington, please call us at 215-898-8965 today.