Dentist wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) discusses a dental care and treatment plan with a middle-age woman. Most adults understand that dental care is key to good oral health. Seeing the dentist for preventive care and cleanings twice a year and getting treatment for any dental conditions keeps your teeth and mouth healthy and your smile bright. 

Unfortunately, however, dental care costs are a barrier for many people, especially low- and middle-income Pennsylvanians. According to a report from the American Dental Association (ADA), the cost of dental care is the number one reason adults do not visit the dentist. That is one reason Penn Dental Medicine is pleased to offer a variety of payment options, including the ability to see the dentist with payment plans that ensure access to quality, affordable care for all ages. 

PDM’s top priority is ensuring everyone receives the best dental care possible. No one should have to suffer from dental pain or be embarrassed to show their smile, or be left wondering, “How do I get dental care if I can’t afford it?” We offer several solutions to meet every patient’s needs. 

Get the Dental Treatment Payment Information You Need Up Front

When you need to see a dentist, you might find yourself calling around to different offices asking, “Will the dentist take payment plans?” or “How can I pay for dental work with bad credit?” Further complicating matters is that you won’t know how much your treatment will cost until you’ve seen the dentist. And, not every practice is willing to provide upfront pricing information.

Young Black girl shows off her healthy smile after receiving dental treatment. PDM takes the guesswork out of dental treatment by providing a detailed estimate of costs before starting treatment. Student dentists outline the suggested treatment plan and alternatives, and patients have the opportunity to review the costs and benefits of each option before agreeing to treatment. 

You don’t need to worry about surprises either. Once you’ve agreed to a treatment plan, the quoted fees will be honored for up to two years, provided:

  • Your oral condition doesn’t worsen due to neglect, necessitating changes to the plan. 
  • You follow the plan as prescribed.
  • You make yourself available for appointments and don’t delay treatment due to finances.

Although PDM requires payment for services when the services are provided, agreeing to a care plan doesn’t mean you have to pay the bill in full right away. PDM has options that allow you to get the necessary dental care without breaking your budget. 

PDM Makes it Easy to See the Dentist With Payment Plans 

PDM strives to provide all patients with flexible, convenient payment options. While you have the option of paying your bill in full using cash, check, or credit card when you receive services, we understand that it can be challenging to pay the whole bill at once. That’s why we offer an array of financing options, which include:

  • Care Credit, a third-party payment financing provider. With credit approval, Care Credit offers a six-month, no-interest monthly installment payment option, as well as 24, 36, 48, and 60-month payment options with a fixed interest rate
  • Insurance. PDM accepts most dental insurance plans, with the exception of DMO and HMO plans. Before treatment, staff will work with you to determine plan coverage, co-pays, and deductibles and whether pre-authorization for treatment is required. You don’t need to worry about unexpected bills or other surprises.  

High-Quality Dental Care You Can Afford 

Attractive woman with long hair smiles while paying a dental bill online .Finances don’t have to keep you from getting the dental care you deserve. And, at PDM, you don’t need to worry or wonder “How do I get dental care if I can’t afford it?” Our teaching clinic operates in conjunction with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, allowing us to provide affordable, high-quality dentistry to patients throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. 

To learn more about PDM’s dental services and how you can make quality care fit into your budget, download our complimentary eBook, “Dental Work Without Stress.” Packed with information about common dental concerns and treatments, the eBook helps you make sense of your dental treatment options and know more about what to expect. Grab your download today, and get started on a lifetime of bright, healthy smiles.