Why Affordable Dental Implants Are the Best Tooth Replacement Option

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Why Affordable Dental Implants Are the Best Tooth Replacement Option

Get Affordable Dental Implants Through Our Grants Programs!

Blue-tinted model of teeth with a dental implant.Dental implants could be said to be the crowning achievement of the dental profession! All puns aside, with a 95-98% success rate, you’ll hardly ever find a more effective and aesthetically-pleasing option for replacing your missing tooth.

Penn Dental Medicine offers affordable dental implants through our grants programs, which allow patients to receive replacement teeth for a significantly reduced fee (see more information on specific grants below). At our teaching practice, patients enjoy a high quality of care as well as access to state-of-the-art technologies.

With the advent of COVID-19, patients are increasingly looking for dental providers that prioritize stringent sanitation measures. After all, the need for quality dental care doesn’t slow down or stop, even during a public health emergency. Penn Dental Medicine has been closely tracking and updating our practices in accordance with guidelines from the American Dental Association (ADA) and the >U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As an internationally-known dental school and research center, we’ve been setting an example for dental practices across the country in infection prevention and control.

We are proud to ensure the safety of our patients and staff at our offices through best-practice strategies including prescreening, mask wearing, social distancing, frequent sanitation, and other measures specific to dentistry. Patients who need affordable dental implants and are concerned about pandemic safety should look no further than Penn Dental Medicine.

What Is a Dental Implant?

An implant includes the root of an artificial tooth made of titanium metal. It fuses to the jawbone to become the anchor for the replacement tooth, which is placed on top. The operation is low-risk and long-lasting, making it the preferred solution for tooth replacement.

The alternatives simply aren’t a match for a dental implant when it comes to permanence and effectiveness. One option is a tooth-supported bridge, which consists of a false tooth held in place by abutment teeth on either side of the gap. Though bridges offer a more economical option upfront, they don’t offer the long-term stability of an implant and must be replaced every 5-15 years.

Another option is partial dentures, which don’t look as good nor function as well as an implant. Dentures may slip around in the mouth, making it difficult to talk or eat. Dentures also cannot be worn at night and must be cleaned regularly to avoid developing oral conditions. Unfortunately, neither dentures or bridges combat the main problem that occurs when you lose a tooth—jawbone loss. Without a tooth or implant substitute, the bone in your jaw will lose density over time, which can cause issues with your remaining teeth and lead to facial sagging.

The Pros of Dental Implants

Meanwhile, dental implants bring significant advantages in tooth replacement, including:

  • A High Success Rate. As mentioned before, dental implants boast a high success rate of up to 98%. Patients should have sufficient gum health, jawbone, and overall health to be candidates for dental implants. Smoking can cause dental implant failure, so it is recommended to stop smoking one week before and for two months after the operation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. A dental implant not only looks exactly like a real tooth, but it also fits with all your teeth in such a way that it even feels like a normal tooth. Because the implant is fused to the bone, it offers the same stability as the rest of your teeth.
  • Excellent Functionality. Worried about the fuss of eating? You don’t need to be with dental implants. An implant gives you a normal chewing experience, allowing you to bite as you would with a real tooth!

How Can I Get Affordable Dental Implants?

Portrait of beautiful African-American woman with curly hair smiling.As a teaching practice, Penn Dental Medicine is able to offer reduced prices for a variety of services. Patients receive care from student dentists overseen by faculty at the forefront of their fields, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of world-class dental professionals.

Because dental implants tend to be more expensive than most other treatments, we also offer grants specifically intended to help people pay for implants. Receiving an implant through one of our grants programs will significantly reduce the fees associated with treatment:

  • Astra Grant: Individuals who need a single tooth replacement may be eligible for the Astra grant. This is when you have only lost one tooth and would like to replace it with a dental implant.
  • Noble Grant: Individuals who need a complete lower denture anchored on two implants may be eligible for this grant. While upper dentures have the ability to create suction through the roof of the mouth, lower dentures are prone to move around. That’s why implant-supported lower dentures have become the gold standard for missing teeth in the lower half of the mouth. With the implants, the dentures will simply click into place on the bottom jaw, providing incredible stability when chewing and eating. Patients who need two replacements on the bottom are encouraged to apply for this grant.

When you visit us for a consultation, you can speak with your provider to learn more about eligibility for either of these grants.

Low Cost Dental Implants at PDM

Because we believe that dental implants are the very best option for tooth replacement, we work hard to make them accessible to our patients. If you’re missing teeth, we encourage you to explore this option with us before deciding that it is too expensive for your budget. With the help of our grants, payment plans, and affordable pricing across the board, many patients have had the opportunity to enjoy the long-term benefits of dental implants.

To schedule a consultation, please call us at 898-215-8965. And, don’t forget to use our $25 off coupon on your first visit!

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