Welcome to Penn Dental Medicine. We are pleased that you have selected us for your dental care. Our School is committed to providing comprehensive, patient-centered oral health care, within the scope of our educational programs, since 1878. This means that our coordinated health care team, consisting of our faculty, students, and staff, will fully inform you of the findings of our examination and the available treatment options.

We will then partner with you to provide appropriate treatment that is also responsive to your preferences, needs, and values.

Being a Clinic Patient

The primary role of the Penn Dental Medicine Clinical Education Program is the training of dental health professionals. Patients are charged a reasonable fee to cover the operating costs and services of the clinic. When you make an appointment to become a patient,  your dental care needs will be evaluated and some patient candidates who come  to Penn Dental Medicine may not permanently become active patients to be treated by our student doctors if not appropriate for our educational environment.

The care performed by our student doctors is overseen by our faculty to ensure the highest quality. This may result in longer treatment lengths for most of our procedures than would occur in a private dental office. The student doctors will also have periodic educational breaks, similar to other teaching institutions. During these times, the patient clinics are not open for routine dental appointments. Patients should consider the amount of time necessary to complete their care at Penn Dental Medicine to make sure the program will accommodate their needs and goals.

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