Why Penn Dental Medicine Provides the Best Dental Care Options

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Why Penn Dental Medicine Provides the Best Dental Care Options

Affordable care and excellence combine at Penn Dental Medicine.

Penn Dental Medicine offers full-service dental clinics within its educational programs with the primary role of training the next generation of dental health professionals. As part of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Dental Medicine embodies the ivy-league tradition of excellence, while simultaneously championing inclusion, innovation, and impact within its teaching clinics.

dental care optionsInclusion: Penn Dental Medicine offers dental care options for everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, and national origin. Because Penn Dental Medicine charges significantly less than a private practice, it serves and represents people from widely varied socioeconomic levels.

Innovation: State-of-the-art technology is an integral part of Penn Dental Medicine. Training students to be leaders in all fields of dental medicine requires the latest technology and use of the most promising innovations in patient care. When you visit a Penn Dental Medicine clinic, you are contributing to the expertise of the next generation of leading dentists. And remember, your student dentist is being guided by some of the best, most experienced minds in the country. It also means access to procedures that are the latest in the field.

Impact: Penn Dental provides high-quality comprehensive dental care in all of its clinics, and through its educational programs is impacting the local, national, and global methods of educating, researching, and practicing dentistry. Penn Dental Medicine is on the frontier of dental care practice, pioneering new, sustainable ways to deliver care on a global scale. In addition, our student population is very diverse. As alumni, these same students will go on to practice around the world, impacting the dental field nationally and globally.

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