5 Reasons to Choose Treatment at Dental Schools That Take Patients

Tuesday, February 1, 2022
5 Reasons to Choose Treatment at Dental Schools That Take Patients

Everyone knows the importance of healthy teeth. From smiling to showing joy, to the essential act of chewing your food, oral health has an outsized impact on your quality of life. However, many people do not seek professional medical treatment, even when they need it. This happens for a variety of reasons, including cost, accessibility, and anxiety around treatment.

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Keeping you and your loved ones healthy and happy is a top priority, and quality dental care helps protect that. That’s why you should be aware of dental schools that take patients. No matter who you are, it’s important to know that you have good options for routine care and specialized treatment. Keep reading to learn how Penn Dental Medicine gives Philadelphia residents a dental home that provides quality, compassionate care.

The Benefits of Getting Treatment at a Dental School that Takes Patients

Affordable Dental Care for Everyone

According to a 2018 survey, over half of Americans delay or avoid healthcare due to cost worries. And, as dentistry is a discipline that is not usually covered by regular health insurance, this is a huge problem for individuals with dental health issues. Putting off oral health treatment can have devastating long-term effects on health. That’s why PDM is dedicated to providing affordable healthcare to our community in Philadelphia.

State-of-the-Art Practices and Facilities

Another one of the great benefits of getting dental care at a dental school is the access you get to groundbreaking techniques and advanced technology. In fact, the treatments are often developed by the same professors overseeing your care. This means that you get the best care available, all while not needing to worry about a financial burden.

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PDM is also at the forefront of patient care by acting as an early adopter of emerging practices, such as teledentistry. By supporting our constant mission to provide outstanding care with the resources of the University of Pennsylvania, we get to offer the widest range of services to provide for our community.

A Wide Array of Services

Because we are a dental school, we provide our students education in all aspects of oral health. This is a massive benefit to our patients, as they receive access to a huge range of services. These include:

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While many of our procedures are done by student dentists under the watch of experts, the most difficult and advanced procedures will alway be performed by the most qualified physicians. This means that when accessing our services, you never need to worry about compromising on your care.

Dedication to Serving Patient Needs

As a dental school that takes patients, PDM stands as a pillar of education and care for oral health in Pennsylvania. For us, this means placing an emphasis on providing quality treatment to everyone, especially underserved groups. This includes special training and outreach to support through our Division of Community Oral Health:

Our physicians are also trained to help patients deal with dental anxiety, an issue that prevents thousands of Americans from seeking dental treatment. It’s compassionate, accessible care that makes PDM stand out as a welcoming place to find quality, affordable dental treatment.

Community Engagement

Of course, serving communities is nothing without outreach. We’re a teaching clinic, after all. Without our community, we can’t train the next generation of expert dentists. That’s why we hold events throughout the year to raise awareness of our services and give back.

Our annual new patient admissions fair offers free dental examinations for all ages, giving families a chance to experience our incredible services at no cost. We have also hosted events particularly for veterans, to give back to our armed forces.

Is There a Dental School that Takes Patients Near Me?

Fortunately, the answer is probably yes! There are dental schools all across the country providing free and discounted general dentistry and specialized care. Dental hygiene schools often also offer preventative care services to their communities, allowing their communities to access vital resources.

For patients seeking quality, affordable dental care in Philadelphia, Penn Dental Medicine is the place to go. With deep community ties, a dedication to accessibility, and world-class experts overseeing your treatment, you can be sure that you are getting treatment from dentists who care about you.

To learn more about PDM, our services, and why it’s so important to seek out quality dental care, download our ebook “The Affordability of Truly Comprehensive Dental Care: How to Secure a Patient-Focused Dentist Office” today!

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