5 Reasons to Get Affordable Dental Care at a Dental School Near You

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
5 Reasons to Get Affordable Dental Care at a Dental School Near You

This Affordable Dental Care Benefits More than Your Budget

 Woman receiving affordable dental care reclines in dental chair as her dentist prepares to examine her teeth.

Some 76.5 million Americans lack dental insurance coverage, according to the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health.

Most people without dental coverage are middle-class or low-income Americans, who often don’t have the financial resources to cover a major dental operation if the need should arise.

How many are receiving routine dental care, including regular check-ups? It’s hard to know. What we do know is that too few take advantage of an option available to everyone, regardless of income: affordable dental care at a dental school.

Our Dental Health Services Give You Many Reasons to Smile

When low cost or highly discounted high-quality dental care is available, there’s no reason not to get it. In fact, here are five good reasons you should—and why Penn Dental Medicine (PDM) should be your preferred provider.

1. You’ll get high quality care at a super-low cost

 Experienced dentist trains student dentist, pointing her finger at x-ray image of jaw on lightboard as he watches.

PDM charges a fraction of the normal cost for all dental services, large or small. We are able to do so because our principal mission is education. We are a teaching practice, available to operate as a not-for-profit dental institution.

2. You’ll be cared for by highly motivated dentists

Student dentists in the final phase of their clinical training will primarily provide your dental health services. You can be sure your dentist will treat you with close attention and care. Your dentist is ready to succeed!

3. Your dentist is supervised by top dental health experts

Dentists from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine supervise student dentists throughout the process—an arrangement to your advantage. You’ll get the benefit of at least two dentists’ input on your treatment plan. Your supervising dentist has years of experience, and knows about the most recent techniques and research—a perk most affordable dental care options can’t offer.

4. You’re getting oral health services at Ivy League standards

 Woman receiving affordable dental care sits in dental chair holding a mirror and smiles to see her teeth implants.

Unlike cheap dental clinics where you might get minimum treatment for minimal pay, at PDM you can count on a high standard of care. You’ll be treated the same way you would be if you were paying much more.

5. You’re getting high quality dental care close to home

Located at 40th Street and Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PDM is easy to access by car, bus, trolley, subway, or train. Some of our patients even come from farther away, such as New Jersey, or from other parts of Pennsylvania. Whether you’re living in the city, the greater Philadelphia area, or beyond, we’re glad to have you!

Affordable dental care through a dental school has benefits beyond a lower bill. At Penn Dental Medicine, it’s for anyone who is looking for high-quality care at low cost, and is willing to go through our dental school’s care process.
To find out more, download our free eBook, Dental Work Without the Stress. It explains how PDM provides dental services in ways that fit your budget.

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