Common Questions about Low Cost Dentistry

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Common Questions about Low Cost Dentistry

Don’t deprive yourself of dental care.

At Penn Dental Medicine, highly respected leaders in the field are training the next generation of dentists, offering high quality, yet affordable, low cost dentistry.

Do certain clinics like Penn Dental Medicine really cost 50%-70% less than a private practitioner?

Yes, much of the time. However, while a fee quote may be a 50% or more discount, unforeseen issues may arise that could increase fees for recommended care. Fees will be discussed with you before proceeding with care.

How do I know that the students providing care are ready to perform the needed procedures?

When you are treated at Penn Dental Medicine, the students providing the care are being guided, trained, and overseen by Penn faculty, who are highly respected clinicians in their fields. Because it’s an educational setting, you reap the benefits of a discounted price, but quality and care are never sacrificed.

What are the benefits?

State-of-the-art technology, patient-centered care, personalized payment plans, and discounted parking are just a few of the benefits of choosing low-cost dentistry with Penn Dental Medicine.

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