A Philadelphia Dentist Debunks 5 Common Dental Myths

Monday, October 3, 2016
A Philadelphia Dentist Debunks 5 Common Dental Myths

Is bad breath caused by bad hygiene? Is flossing really necessary?


Many individuals have misconceptions about oral health, some most common being that it’s painful and expensive. At Penn Dental Medicine, our local Philadelphia dentists are trained to address these misconceptions and inform their patients. The following list from Healthywomen.org addresses some of the most common myths surrounding dental care and oral health.

Oral Health Myths Debunked by your Philadelphia Dentist:

Myth #1: Dental Health is somehow separate from your overall health. Did you know that an infection in your mouth can also enter your bloodstream and severely damage your organs? Many individuals already know that a toothache can lead to powerful headaches and migraines. Maintaining regular dental check-ups is as important as seeking the regular care of your physician.

Myth #2: Gingivitis is easily treatable and, as such, no big deal. True, it’s easily treatable, especially if caught early on. However, the only visible symptom is light bleeding of the gums which could easily be blamed on brushing one’s teeth too hard. So if you’re not getting regular checkups, gingivitis could easily set in and do some serious damage to your gums and teeth before you even notice it.

Myth #3: Bad breath is caused only by poor oral hygiene. Many serious health conditions, including pneumonia, liver problems, sinusitis and diabetes can all cause bad breath. In fact, common illnesses are often heralded by a particular disagreeable odor on the breath; it’s proof of your body’s immune system fighting hard. Losing weight? Ketosis (the process of burning fat) can also cause distinctly unpleasant bad breath. If you’re brushing, flossing and using mouthwash and you still have bad breath (and none of the aforementioned conditions apply to you that you know of), you may consider seeing your doctor.

Myth #4: Brushing and flossing every day keeps the dentist away! While it’s true that good oral hygiene is key to avoiding dental caries or other issues, brushing and flossing are no replacement for regular dental check-ups. Visiting your local Philadelphia dentist regularly is a crucial part to maintaining oral health, identifying possible issues early on, and avoiding costly dental work later in life.

Myth #5: Visiting a Philadelphia dentist is too expensive, and other dentists are too far away! While that might seem true (especially if you’ve already been to see a Philadelphia dentist and walked away with sticker shock), there’s a better way. Penn Dental Medicine is a Philadelphia dental clinic that is not only well-reputed and highly sought-after, but also very affordable! If needed we’ll even work with you to set up a payment plan to pay for the greatly discounted procedures we offer.

Don’t let common misconceptions keep you from receiving outstanding dental care. Get answers today!

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