Reasons to Consider a Teaching Dental Clinic in Philadelphia

Friday, July 24, 2015
Reasons to Consider a Teaching Dental Clinic in Philadelphia

Discover the difference of a teaching dental clinic like Penn Dental Medicine as you consider your options.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and you are looking for a new dentist, you may think that you simply have to choose from the range of private practices in the area. However, there is another alternative which is certainly worth considering. You may be eligible to become a patient at a local teaching dental clinic, such as the one offered by Penn Dental Medicine. Although this option may not be as well known as private practices, it offers some compelling advantages that are worth considering, as it could lead you to significant financial savings as well as state-of-the-art care.

  • Advantageous Rates One of the most compelling advantages any teaching dental clinic has to offer is significantly lower rates than may be found at private practices. For example, Penn Dental Medicine simply charges patients a reasonable fee to cover the operating costs and services of the clinic. So, if you have ever avoided necessary dental work because of the cost, dental clinics may be the solution you need.
  • A Great Team of Care Providers At a teaching dental clinic, basic services are provided by dental students and residents, supervised by expert dentists who are also faculty or visiting professors at the school. More complicated procedures may be performed by the faculty themselves. So, for every service you receive, you can enjoy the benefits of expert collaboration and a unique dedication to outstanding service. At Penn Dental Medicine, you can enjoy the following services:
    • General Dentistry
    • Periodontics
    • Hygiene
    • Pediatric Dentistry
    • Dentures
    • Implants
    • Crowns and Bridges
    • Endodontics
    • Oral Medicine
    • Orthodontics
  • State-of-the-Art Care for New Procedures Often, teaching dental clinics are at the forefront of the latest procedures, so they are able to provide state-of-the-art-care. These more complicated procedures may be provided by faculty and professors who are up to date on the latest in dental medicine research and development, giving you access to advanced medical care that you may not necessarily find at a private practice whose dentists are not continually engaged with the latest in dental research.

Contact Your Local Teaching Dental Clinic Today

If you would like more information about the Penn Dental Medicine dental clinic, you can contact us today at 215-898-8965. Your application process to become a patient begins with an initial examination to determine if you are a good candidate. If you are eligible, you will be assigned to a student in our predoctoral or postdoctoral clinics, depending upon your needs.

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