Save On Dental Cleaning Without Skipping A Visit: A True Story

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Save On Dental Cleaning Without Skipping A Visit: A True Story

Save without skimping.

The following is a true story that took place this past March…

Save-On-Dental-CleaningJoe is an average guy. In March, he was all set to leave on a month-long trip to China. Joe hadn’t been to the dentist’s office in years; his strategy to save on dental cleaning was to just avoid it. However, his wife recently experienced serious dental problems due to a lack of proper dental care over a long period of time, so she convinced him to go for a check-up right before his trip.

When Joe arrived at the dentist’s office, he was shocked to hear that he had an infected tooth and needed an immediate root canal before the infection spread. If he had skipped that appointment and gone to rural China, like he was planning on, he could have ended up with a very dangerous condition in a place without access to dental care.

The situation Joe encountered is more common than you might think. According to this ebook, 30% of insured and 50% of uninsured individuals opt out of necessary dental care for financial reasons. In an attempt to save on dental cleanings, many individuals ignore the little reminders that come in the mail/email: “Time for a checkup!”

It’s easy to think of these dental cleanings as unimportant or unnecessary. However, it’s just the opposite. To avoid landing in a dangerous situation like Joe’s, make dental cleanings a priority item in your regular health care annually.

Then the question becomes: if checkups are crucial for your dental health, and skipping them isn’t a viable option, how can you save on dental cleaning?

3 Ways To Save On Dental Cleaning

  • Commit to Preventive Care

    The first way to save on a dental plan is the most obvious: take good care of your teeth.  A regular regime of oral hygiene helps prevent erosion to the enamel.

  • Get Financing

    Many dentist’s offices help you save money on dental care by offering affordable financing options.

  • Visit a Dental School

    Dental clinics like the one at Penn Dental Medicine offer highly discounted rates. According to, dental schools are the most sure-fire method to save on dental cleaning. Some people might be wary of this option. However, the upside of a dental clinic is that, whether the student treating you is predoctoral or a postdoctoral resident, you can be sure that they’re being closely supervised. While it’s a slightly bigger time commitment, their thoroughness pays off.

At Penn Dental Medicine, each procedure is overseen by one of the region’s top dentists. We also offer affordable financing options and lower fees than at a private practitioner’s. Don’t wait to get the care you need. Your teeth are worth it!

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