Should You Enjoy These 5 Valentine’s Day Treats?

Monday, February 13, 2017
Should You Enjoy These 5 Valentine’s Day Treats?

Why some sweets will do you good…

When Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s as easy as pie to begin imagining the delicious candies you’re about to consume.

valentine’s day candiesWhile October’s Halloween is unquestionably the time of year when the most candy is eaten by children, Valentine’s Day may be the occasion when adults tend to indulge. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet candies to enjoy at work– showing the love is the name of the game.

If you’re trying to be teeth-conscious and prevent cavities this Valentine’s Day, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Not all candies are created equal, and taking care of your teeth doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate anything sweet. You just need to be informed so you can make healthy choices for you and your family. Here´s a list of 5 goodies that might tempt you this Valentine´s Day, with advice on which you should look out for and which you can indulge in!

  • Sugar-free hard candies. Because these treats stimulate saliva, they are a healthy option when you want to enjoy sweets. A dry mouth will allow plaque to build up on your teeth, which can lead to cavities.
  • Dark chocolate. Even though chocolate has sugar, studies have shown that dark chocolate has excellent antioxidant properties, which is good for your heart. When it comes to teeth, it’s beneficial. The chemicals in dark chocolate limit oral bacteria and neutralize microorganisms that cause bad breath.
  • Milk Chocolate. While the benefits of chocolate are widely extolled, milk chocolate tends to be much sweeter than dark. One ounce of dark chocolate contains on average 14 grams of sugar, while the same amount of milk chocolate has 168! The lesson here is that moderation is important. If you’re going to eat milk chocolate, drink water or milk to wash out your mouth afterwards.
  • Sticky candies and sweets. If you eat them, go for the ones that won’t stay in your mouth for as long. That rules out lollipops, caramels, and cough drops with refined sugar. Those are the worst for your teeth because they foment the production of the acids that eat away at enamel.
  • Green and black teas. If you’re fortunate enough to receive tea for a Valentine’s Day gift, then enjoy with no regrets! Both black and green tea contain the chemical polyphenol, which fights and kills bacteria. The substance prevents them from producing the acid that protects your teeth. Though it’s true that consuming large quantities of tea might cause staining your teeth over the long haul, their biggest effect on oral health is surprisingly positive!

Conclusion: if you want to take care of your teeth (and believe us, this will make a real difference!) go for the dark chocolate, sugarless candies, and the green and black teas. That´s a guilt-free cornucopia of treats that you shouldn’t miss this Valentine’s Day. Sure, a bit of milk chocolate or other candies won’t hurt you, but all in moderation and preferably with a drink.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Share with us about your favorite tooth-friendly treats!


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