Is there such a thing as half price dentistry? Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Affordable dental clinics like Penn Dental Medicine offer a wide range of dental, orthodontic, and endodontic procedures at greatly discounted prices and this ‘half price dentistry’ is made possible by the unique combination of pre-doctoral dentistry students and postdoctoral residents closely overseen by the region’s top dentists.

Half-Price-DentistryThere are conditions to be met by potential patients, however, in order to receive this discounted care. Any potential patients must first be examined to determine the extent of their dental needs, and then submit an application to be accepted as a patient. If the dental clinic’s educational and teaching needs match the dental care needs of the prospective patient, they’ll be accepted.

To say that you can access ‘half price dentistry’ at any given clinic, however, would be false for the following reasons:

  • While the quote for a procedure might be fairly straight-forward, that is not a hard and fast, legally-binding estimate. In fact, what begins as a simple dental procedure might have complicating factors that either lengthen the time spent in the chair, or require anesthesia. In both cases, the estimated cost does not guarantee a lack of complications or extenuating circumstances.
  • In order to claim ‘half-price’, there needs to be a set price referential. That does not exist in dentistry. While national averages can be roughly estimated, prices can vary drastically from practitioner to practitioner, and from city to city.
  • Sometimes the discount at a dental clinic is more than 50%, depending on what your normal practitioner would have charged and where you live. Fortunately, that’s a positive turn of events.

Instead of Half Price Dentistry, Try The Real, Affordable Dentists

Rather than searching for ‘half price dentistry’, Penn Dental Medicine suggests coming straight to the affordable dentistry source. Take advantage of this information to see if Penn Dental Medicine might be right for you. Choose the honest, straightforward, low cost dentists. Contact Penn Dental Medicine to learn more today!


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