Fees / Insurance

Fee Estimates

Patients will be advised on their recommended treatment and estimated cost, as well as any alternative treatments. Both patient and attending faculty must sign the Treatment Plan once the plan is understood and accepted.

Fee estimates are based upon current fees at the time the treatment plan was signed. Please note that our fees are reviewed annually.

The fee charged at the time any service or procedure is started will be the fee that is currently in effect. Estimated fees are honored for two (2) years unless: 1) the treatment plan requires change due to changes in the patient’s oral condition or patient neglect; 2) the patient does not follow the treatment schedule as directed by his/her student doctor; 3) treatment is delayed due to patient availability or finances.

At each visit, you should be advised of the costs of each succeeding procedure so that you are prepared for the subsequent charges. Please question your student doctor if this is not clear.

Fee Payments

Payment is due in full at the time the service is provided. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders and credit/debit cards. For those who qualify, we also offer financing options through a third party (Care Credit, see below).

Care Credit

Payment financing is available through Care Credit, a well-known third-party provider of such services. Payment options include 24, 36, 48, and 60-month fixed rate installment programs as well as the 6-month no interest if paid in full program. Care Credit is subject to customer credit approval.

Dental Insurance

Penn Dental Medicine accepts direct payments from most dental insurance plans. Penn Dental Medicine accepts all Medicaid plans offered to residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Contact your insurance company or consult your certificate of coverage for details on covered or non-covered services, co-payment requirements, service limitations or restrictions, yearly maximum, and the insurance plan participating or non-participating relationship with Penn Dental Medicine.

Penn Dental Medicine clinics are considered in network for the following insurance plans. We accept payment from a host of other out-of-plan insurers, so please consult our patient financial services office with questions you may have about your coverage.

  • United Concordia/ PA Blue Shield/ Concordia Plus DMO
  • Delta Dental (PPO only)
  • Aetna PPO and Aetna DMO
  • Cigna PPO and Cigna Health Spring
  • Assurant/Sunlife Financial
  • Keystone VIP Choice
  • Pennsylvania Medicaid

Prior Authorization of Major Dental Procedures

Your student doctor must obtain prior authorization from your carrier in advance for most treatments costing more than $300 potentially covered by your carrier. This is so that we can provide you with as much information on the amount for which you will be responsible before you receive the treatment. In some cases, you have the right to waive this process, although we do not recommend it. While your insurance carrier may state that a particular procedure is a covered benefit, many larger dollar procedures are subject to a review by the insurance carrier before payment is made.

Termination of Dental Insurance Coverage

Possession of an insurance ID card does not guarantee eligibility. Your coverage must be valid at the time of treatment.

Changes in Insurance

Patients obtaining coverage after admission are expected to notify their student doctor or central registration and scheduling (CRSC) so this can be noted on your record. Claims cannot be made retroactively; therefore, patients not informing Penn Dental Medicine of any changes are liable for treatment performed without authorization.

Treatment Services Requiring Prepayment

For services requiring laboratory work (e.g. crowns, bridges, dentures), 2/3 of the fee is due prior to submitting the case to the dental laboratory to make the final prosthesis. The remaining balance is due at the time of insertion. For implant services and periodontal surgical procedures, prepayment must be made in full before treatment is provided.

Past Due Balances

Failure to maintain an up-to-date balance will result in Penn Dental Medicine withholding service until the balance is paid, including any collection charges that have been assessed. If, after the third billing cycle, you do not remit payment, your account may be sent to collection, your treatment will be suspended, and you may be dismissed as a patient.

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