(Video) What to Expect at a Dental Clinic

Friday, March 10, 2017
(Video) What to Expect at a Dental Clinic

Go behind the scenes for a peek at dental care through Penn Dental Medicine dental clinic.

Considering a dental clinic for your dental needs?

Then perhaps you could benefit from knowing exactly what to expect at a dental clinic. In this article we lay it out clearly for you and invite you to contact us with any further questions.


What to Expect When Visiting Penn Dental Medicine Dental Clinic

  • History and Examination
    During your initial examination at our dental clinic, your medical history will be recorded and a brief physical and dental examination will be performed. If you are deemed eligible for the program, you will then be assigned to a predoctoral or postdoctoral student depending upon your individual case needs.
    One patient had this to say concerning the medical information gathered:

    “They ask everything they need to know that’s pertinent to your health… they can give you all the protocols to take care of your [health]. It’s just great! I love it!”
    -Marlene Dennis

  • Student Doctor
    As stated above, you will be assigned a student doctor during your initial examination. At your next dental clinic appointment, this student doctor will complete a comprehensive examination under faculty supervision. Your student doctor, under the guidance of a faculty dentist, will then develop a personalized treatment plan to best address your dental care.While some individuals may be concerned about being treated by a dental student, it is important to understand these three things:

    • The student doctor treating you will never be in the first two years of his or her schooling. Student doctors are only 3rd or 4th year students.
    • Your student doctor will always be supervised by highly qualified dental professionals. Those training and teaching our student doctors are some of the nation’s top dental professionals, having practiced dental care for decades.
    • Your student doctor will provide care with heightened attention to detail and ultimate concern for your dental health.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan
    As already stated, your student doctor and faculty supervisor will develop a comprehensive treatment plan during your second visit. This is customized according to your specific dental needs. Your student doctor will thoroughly explain the whole course of treatment, being sure to highlight the benefits and/or risks, as well as the prognosis or outcome.
    Patients will not be permitted to choose only select portions of the treatment plan and/or receive some of the care elsewhere, unless a dental emergency constitutes necessary emergency treatment or in the case that you have been referred to us by another dental professional for a specific treatment.
  • Time Commitment
    Dental clinic appointments always tend to take longer than a traditional dentist would, so make sure to schedule your time appropriately. Allow four hours a week for your appointment, either in a full 4 hour time block or two 2 hour time slots. This extra time is due to the fact that your student doctor is handling your care exactly as instructed and with utmost attention to your dental needs.
  • Services Provided
    At Penn Dental Medicine Clinic we provide a full range of general and speciality services, including:

    We are equipped to handle any and all dental needs within our dental clinic.

  • Other Details
    • Parking – discounted parking is available at The Fresh Grocer on 40th and Walnut streets.
    • Insurance – We accept direct payments from most insurance companies. We also accept all Medicaid plans offered to residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
    • Financing – For those who qualify, we offer financing options through Care Credit, a third party financing provider.

Through all of the interactions and treatments at our dental clinic, our goal is to provide you with quality care that exceeds your expectations and expertly handles your dental care needs, whether it’s a routine cleaning or a full treatment of orthodontic work. Call us today with any other questions that you may have about your first and subsequent visits to Penn Dental Medicine clinic. We can’t wait to answer your questions and service your needs!


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