Five Reasons to Choose Penn Dental Medicine for Your Family

Monday, February 4, 2019
Five Reasons to Choose Penn Dental Medicine for Your Family

Learn What Makes Our Dental Practice Unique

Whether it’s been some time since you’ve visited the dentist or you’re looking for a new provider, Penn Dental Medicine can help. Our dental care center provides a wide variety of high quality dental services at affordable prices. Cost can be prohibitive for many American families, and no one wants to spend a fortune on dental care.

Penn Dental Medicine is a teaching clinic based at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. You will receive care from our dental students at the final stage of their training at an Ivy League institution. Student dentists are supervised by experienced professionals at the forefront of their field. At PDM, you’ll receive care from an elite team. Here are five reasons you should consider choosing PDM as your family’s new dental care center:

  1. Dentistry for Every Stage of Life
    Families have a variety of dentistry needs that should be met by by a practice that can accommodate patients at various stages of life. Our comprehensive care providers can diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and direct patients to appropriate specialists as needed. Your children (up to age 18) will be treated by our pediatric student dentists, who have specialized knowledge about the unique needs and development of children. And if your parents are looking for a provider, our student dentists’ expertise in the needs of patients 65 and older make us a logical choice. Seniors are at higher risk for certain oral health conditions, which is why it’s important to choose a dental care provider you can trust.
  2. The Penn Dental School of Medicine Reputation
    When you visit our clinic, you have the assurance that comes with a trusted name. Our dental school ranks among the top 20 dental schools in the world and has an established reputation in the dental community. We’re a leader in advancing dental techniques and incorporating research into our clinical care. The reputation of the University of Pennsylvania name speaks volumes to the quality of services that we deliver.
  3. Penn Dental CareAffordability
    Affordability in dentistry has become an important point for many families. As of 2016, about 23% of the population did not possess dental insurance, which translates to 76 million Americans. With health care premiums rising, paying for dental care at market prices can be a hardship for families. Like many other dental schools around the country, Penn Dental Medicine offers an alternative strategy to obtain quality care at a low price. Our discounted services make it possible for many low- and middle-income families to access preventative and restorative care.
  4. State-of-the-art Technologies
    Following the recent remodeling of our Schattner Clinic, we have completely modernized our facilities. We have on-site sterilization and electric handpieces. Our fully-equipped dental laboratory allows us to produce restorative pieces more efficiently and at lower cost to the patient. The lab includes state-of-the-art technology such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, allowing us to custom-make dental restorations with the greatest degree of precision. In addition, PDM’s prosthodontics program makes use of a microscope, which ensures better-fitting, more comfortable crowns (that last longer). Many patients are drawn by our ADA-accredited graduate prosthodontics program, which is the only one in the Philadelphia area.
  5. Comprehensive Care
    While dentistry at every stage of life refers to our ability to recognize and treat conditions that are age-specific, comprehensive care means that we can provide services from many specialties. We emphasize the need for preventative care (i.e. yearly dental cleanings) because it is so essential to avoiding long-term dental conditions. However, if your annual examination turns up a specialized condition, you won’t have to go to another provider to have it treated. Instead, you will benefit from our affordable pricing even for specialized care, including endodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and more!

Penn Family Care for a Better Life

By providing quality essential services, Penn Dental Medicine aims to improve patients’ quality of life and health outcomes. Penn’s dental care center is dedicated to helping our patients attain the best oral health possible so that they can enjoy a full, pain-free life! To make your appointment with us, please call our offices at 215-898-8965. We look forward to hearing from you!

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