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Penn Dental Medicine restores the oral health of those with missing teeth.

Lost teeth are not just a concern aesthetically. The consequences of tooth loss is far reaching:

  • Teeth shift when there are existing “gaps” in the mouth
  • Gums and teeth can suffer from inflammation
  • There are often professional costs to missing teeth
  • Function may be compromised, and eating could be difficult
  • The mouth is vulnerable to disease or decay
  • Missing teeth may lead to unpredictable higher dental costs and upkeep
  • Prolonged pain and aches may accompany tooth loss
  • Symptoms will worsen over time when left unaddressed
  • Actual jawbone recedes over time when the tooth’s root is absent
  • The facial structure will develop a sunken appearance from bone recession

How can Penn Dental Medicine help?

Two dentists examining the x-ray image while patient laying on the dental chair.A consultation for your missing teeth with our student doctors will equip you with an official diagnosis and proposed treatment options. If dental implants are recommended, we will outline the precautions, information about the procedure, and the expected outcome. Fees and payment plans will be discussed upfront, so that you are knowledgeable about what choices you have. By choosing dental implants, you will benefit through:

  • Resolving all dental problems caused missing teeth
  • Saving a lifetime’s worth of dental costs because implants act as a one-time permanent solution
  • Restoration of your current and future dental health

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