Dental School LocationsAffordability. Access to advanced clinical methods and medical technology. The attentive care of highly skilled and personally invested students, as well as oversight by top professional dentists.

These are just some of the reasons why dental patients seek out dental school locations. Dental clinics, where patients can undergo treatment by talented and closely monitored student dentists, offer patients an affordable and reliable alternative to standard dental practices while simultaneously providing qualified students with applied, clinical experience.

For those looking for dental school locations in Philly, there’s another key benefit of dental clinics: access to care from the globally recognized University of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia’s Leading Dental School and Clinic

Penn Dental Medicine is UPenn’s dental school clinic. At Penn Dental Medicine, patients interested in dental clinic locations in the Philadelphia area can receive highly affordable dental treatments by the most promising students of one of the nation’s top dental medicine programs.

Penn Dental Medicine offers patients of all types and income levels access to University of Pennsylvania’s unrivalled medical resources, skills, and training. Our staff and dental school location are characterized by the following elements:

  • Innovation: We are committed to the expansion of medical knowledge through cutting-edge research, technology, and methods.
  • Inclusion: Penn Dental Medicine places a strong value and emphasis on diversity in all aspects of our practice: faculty, students, staff, and patients.
  • Impact: Our mission is to provide elite-grade, comprehensive dental care in our clinic and to produce research and outreach initiatives with local and global impact.

Are you asking “where can I find a dental school near me?” If so, the staff, faculty, and student doctors of Penn Dental Medicine would be glad to provide you with our internationally-recognized dental care. If you are interested in pursuing top-quality treatment at our dental school location, please contact Penn Dental Medicine today.