Low Cost Dental Implants Around West PhillyDental implants are becoming more and more common as well as more and more technologically advanced in their process. Dental implants, like any dental care, can come at a high cost. For many Pennsylvanians dental insurance can be an issue and as many as 36% of individuals may not have basic dental insurance. For patients who are concerned about the potential price of implants, fortunately, inexpensive implants do exist. Patients can obtain low cost dental implants around west Philly. Affordable dental implants are accessible if a patient is willing to step outside the box and visit a dental school.

At a dental school, costs are driven by the actual costs of the operation, not the need to make a profit. Experienced dental professionals oversee bright dentists-in-training every step of the way through your operation. It´s completely safe and in fact will give you the advantage of being seen by some of the best dentists in the area. They know the most recent research and the best techniques to ensure that you receive optimal care.

There are many benefits to getting your dental implant, including:

  • Improved appearance. The dental implants will seem just like your own tooth, and because they are designed to fuse with the bone, they will be like any other tooth.
  • Easier eating. Sliding dentures are a drag when you’re trying to chew food. With a dental implant you can eat normally and without worrying that your teeth will come out!
  • Improved comfort. You won’t have pain and you won’t have to bother with removing dentures.
  • Better health. Because a dental implant doesn´t require reduction of nearby teeth (like a bridge), more of your teeth are left as they are, which in the long term will promote the best oral health possible! It´s like getting a brand new tooth, without the downsides of other methods.

How effective are dental implants, you ask? The research shows that they have a 98% success rate (WebMD). That´s why we want to offer you the best at Penn Dental Medicine. Among many other services, we provide you with effective treatment at low cost. Penn Dental Medicine offers low cost dental implants around west Philly with great results. If you have a cavity, don´t wait for it to get worse. Protect your teeth and protect your health.

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