How To Amaze Your Pennsylvania Dentist

Have you ever wished you could walk out of your Pennsylvania dentist’s office with a glowing report on the state of your oral health?

Even though you may think your dentist only wants to focus on the negative, what we really want is to be stopped in our tracks. We want to be blown away by your amazing oral hygiene. Follow these three tips and you’ll be sure to wow us the next time you come in for your cleaning!

Tip #1: Brushing right before your check-up doesn’t really count.

Sure, it gets rid of some of the gross junk in your mouth, which we do appreciate, but the state of your oral health doesn’t change dramatically with a single brushing. Commit yourself to daily brushing, preferably twice a day. Some people bring a toothbrush to work so they can refresh their breath right after lunch. The key with brushing is not intensity, but thoroughness. Make sure you’re brushing your gums, too, but lightly!

Tip #2: Yes, we know when you floss.

Though our culture tends to emphasize brushing, flossing is equally important to maintaining a healthy smile. Flossing removes the plaque from the edges of your gums where your brush can’t reach. That yellow, sticky goo that comes off with flossing is exactly what you’re working hard to remove. The truth is that your dentist knows whether you floss on a regular basis because your teeth tell the whole story. Delight your Pennsylvania dentist at your next appointment by demonstrating that you floss daily, and your teeth will thank you even more!

Tip #3: Cut out the sugars.

Did you know that sugar is addictive? That means that the more sugar you eat, the more tolerance you have for sugar, and the more you want to eat. And of course, sugar is the primary cause of cavities. When you eat anything with sugar, we recommend washing it down with water so that the sugars don’t cling to your teeth, where they attract bacteria. Our biggest suggestion? Eliminate as much sugar as possible from your diet. Once your body gets used to this change, you’ll find that you aren’t experiencing the same cravings anymore. Not only will your teeth be healthier, but your overall health will improve too.

The Right Pennsylvania Dentistry Makes A Big Difference

You can take care of yourself in all the right ways, but if you don’t visit your dentist in Pennsylvania once or twice a year you won’t benefit from an in-depth cleaning and other preventative care measures. If cost is an issue, try going to a dental school clinic like Penn Dental Medicine, where we offer all services at lower prices. Our goal is to make quality dental care accessible to everyone, regardless of your situation.

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