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Orthodontic treatment is an investment—in straighter teeth and a healthier mouth, and also in overall health, self-esteem, and quality of life. But for some families and individuals, the price can seem too much of an obstacle.

Final out-of-pocket costs vary depending on dental insurance coverage. But traditional braces in the U.S. typically cost thousands of dollars. Many people who recognize the importance of orthodontic care for their loved ones or themselves ask, “Isn’t there somewhere I can get affordable braces?”

When you receive care at Penn Dental Medicine (PDM), the answer is yes.

PDM treats orthodontics patients for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Most of our orthodontics patients are between 12 and 18 years old, but we’ve seen the national increase in adults seeking orthodontic treatment for ourselves, too. Some patients know they need treatment for pressing oral health reasons. Others want smiles that make them feel more comfortable and confident. We provide affordable orthodontics care that maximizes patients’ oral health and makes them feel better about themselves—and about their dental care budget.

How Quality Orthodontic Care Can Benefit You

Orthodontic treatment addresses a variety of dental conditions. Some of the most common are:

 Chart titled “Malocclusions (Bite Problems)” illustrates healthy bite, overbite, underbite, and open bite.

  • Gapped teeth

Gapped teeth are associated with fewer long-term dental conditions because saliva can move through the spaces between teeth. This movement has a cleansing effect. However, many people don’t like the appearance of their gapped teeth and want to close the spaces for aesthetic purposes.

  • Overcrowded teeth

Unlike gapped teeth, overcrowded teeth present a long-term risk for conditions such as dental caries (cavities) and periodontitis (gum disease). The crowding makes the hard-to-reach areas between the teeth difficult to clean well.

  • Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can lead to problems because the teeth rub against each other over time. This damage causes premature tooth aging, and leaves the enamel more vulnerable to bacterial attacks, increasing the risk of dental caries.

  • Malocclusions

Malocclusion refers to differing jaw sizes in the same person. An upper jaw larger than the lower jaw creates an overbite. A lower jaw larger than the upper creates an underbite.

While overbite and underbite are the two most common malocclusions, we also treat patients with such other types as crossbite and open bite. Malocclusions cause teeth to shift over time. They also cause tooth wear and increase the risk of tooth decay.

In addition, because dental health has an impact on overall health, orthodontic treatment also helps protect you from other conditions that may seem unrelated. Examples include heart problems and complications from diabetes.

Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment and Their Cost

Many prospective patients have no doubt orthodontic care would benefit them or their loved ones. But they do have understandable concerns about finding affordable braces or other treatments.

Traditional metal braces aren’t the only option in orthodontic care. Different corrective options have different price ranges:

  • Metal Braces

Metal brackets are affixed to the teeth’s front surfaces, and are connected by wires that need periodic tightening ($3,000-$6,000).

  • Invisible Braces

Instead of metal or ceramic brackets, invisible braces are aligners made of medical grade plastic ($3,000 – $8,000).

  • Ceramic Braces

Brackets are made of ceramic instead of metal, allowing them to be clear, tooth-colored, or almost any color the patient wants ($4,000–$8,000).

  • Lingual Braces

Metal brackets are placed behind the teeth—on the “lingual” or tongue side—and work the same way as do traditional braces ($8,000 -$10,000).

These figures are averages and represent full price, not what you might pay using dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment.

Final costs vary based on the type and duration of the treatment implemented, the location of the orthodontic practice, the cost of any restorative dentistry required before treatment begins, and other factors.

Choose Penn Dental Medicine for Affordable Orthodontics

At PDM, we’re able to offer affordable braces and other treatments because our main mission is educating the next generation of orthodontists.

Student dentists in the final stages of their professional education provide your primary care at PDM. They do so under the close supervision of some of the most experienced, highly respected dentists in the nation and the world. You’re essentially getting two dentists for less than the normal price of one.

PDM’s educational focus means our services cost a fraction of what you’d pay at a private orthodontic practice. But our lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality of service or expertise of care. We rely on the latest research, use state-of-the-art techniques and materials, and stay centered on giving patients the attentive, respectful care they deserve.

PDM accepts payment from most dental insurance plans, and has financing options for individuals who qualify.

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