Options for Dentures in Philadelphia From Prosthodontics Specialists

Penn Dental Medicine is the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine’s teaching clinic. We’re proud to offer affordable dentistry to patients of the Philadelphia area—and our service go far beyond general dentistry. We offer a full range of specialty services that use state-of-the-art medical resources, methods and technology of the University of Pennsylvania.

One of our specialty services offered is prosthodontics, which deals with the prosthetic replacement of missing teeth. Among our specialized prosthodontic treatment options is the development of advanced dentures in Philadelphia.

If you’re in need of tooth replacement in Philadelphia, dentures are an important option to consider.

Need Dentures? Here Are Your Options

If you have damaged or missing teeth, dentures may be recommended. The qualified prosthodontics specialists at Penn Dental Medicine can advise the most appropriate type for your particular case.

  • Partial Removable Dentures (or Overdentures)
    Partial removable dentures (also known as overdentures) are attached to your remaining healthy teeth using a metal framework. These prosthetic teeth then “fill in the gaps” where teeth have been removed or are missing due to an accident.
  • Conventional Full Dentures
    Conventional full dentures most closely fit the mental image most patients have of dentures. Before full dentures are installed, remaining teeth are removed and tissues are treated. Following healing, a full set of prosthetic teeth is fitted to your jaw and gums.
  • Immediate Full Dentures
    Conventional full dentures typically require an extended healing period following tooth removal before dentures can be installed. Immediate full dentures, meanwhile, are immediately inserted and refitted over the course of the following months as the bones of your mouth and jaw heal and reshape.

Affordable Dentures in Philadelphia

For many patients, the primary issue preventing them from undergoing denture installation in Philadelphia isn’t a lack of treatment options—it’s limited finances. Finding affordable dentures in Philadelphia can be a difficult endeavor.

Penn Dental Medicine is here to offer an affordable alternative to conventional dental practices. As a training clinic, our elite-grade treatments are performed by top University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine student dentists and are closely monitored by world-class, licensed prosthodontists. This allows us to offer far more reasonable, accessible rates for top-quality dental services—including affordable dentures.

To learn more about denture treatments in Philadelphia or to schedule an appointment, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.

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