Myths and Facts About Your Philadelphia Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists Aren’t Only for the Rich and Famous…

Each year, more people trust prosthodontists with their restorative dentistry needs. But what does a prosthodontist do, anyway? Here, your local Philadelphia prosthodontists at Penn Dental Medicine take on a few of the frequent myths that discourage people from taking advantage of the advanced services of a prosthodontist.

MYTH 1: Dentists can do all the same procedures that prosthodontists do–crowns, implants, veneers, and false teeth.

FACT: General dentists are licensed to do all these procedures but on a small and simple scale because they don’t have the educational background that a prosthodontist has. Most dental schools have minimal requirements in these areas, while a prosthodontist has completed a multitude of complex treatments before they receive their certificate. While some dentists may not have even completed a dental implant case, a prosthodontist completes 2-4 years of training beyond dental school to practice these procedures.

MYTH 2: Technology has taken the skill out of being a dentist. That’s why it’s best to shop dentists based on price.

FACT: While technology supports better diagnoses and produces more precise instruments, the main action in dentistry is in the hands. Hand skills are a critical component of advanced dental treatment. Surgical procedures such as implant placement require years of training and experience. Every prosthodontic case is different, but all of them combine science with art.

MYTH 3: Only top earners can afford prosthodontic services.

FACT: To the contrary, market pressure and competition actually makes it possible for people from many walks of life to enjoy prosthodontic services. Most prosthodontist fees are only a bit higher than general dentists. When you consider the education and level of specialization of prosthodontists, you’ll realize that this makes for a great bargain for you. For minimally higher rates, you get a highly specialized professional with much more experience than the average dentist.

Why a Philadelphia Prosthodontist?

Penn Dental Medicine has the only prosthodontic program of its kind in the greater Philadelphia region. We’re happy to be able to offer our services to patients who want to perfect their smile!

If you’re struggling with grinding, staining, missing or broken teeth, or just want to have their teeth restored for aesthetic purposes, then you are like many of the clients who come to take advantage of our premium prosthodontic services.

If you’re not sure what you need, please do come in for a consultation. As the most highly qualified dentists in the practice, we can guarantee that, whatever your condition, you’ll get the best diagnosis and treatment plan from our prosthodontists. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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