At Penn Dental Medicine, we are dedicated to educating students in the highest quality, clinical research environment.  Since 1878, we have been committed to providing comprehensive, patient-centered oral health care within the scope of our educational programs.  Our clinics are characterized by:

Penn Dental Medicine


Expanding knowledge through cutting-edge research, we use the latest technology in evidence-based practices.

Penn Dental Medicine


We value diversity and respect for all as we create and cultivate our team of faculty, students, and staff.

Penn Dental Medicine


We provide high quality, comprehensive dental care in all clinics, making a difference in educational research and clinical outreach initiatives both locally and globally.

For our patients, this means access to the highest quality, affordable services in every dental speciality. At every visit, they receive patient-centered care from student doctors who are being trained and guided by the best in the profession: Penn Dental Medicine faculty doctors.

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