Knowledge Is Power. That’s Why You Need to Know These Tobacco Facts.

Our Comprehensive eBook Sheds Light on the Relationship Between Tobacco and Oral Health.

Have you ever wondered whether smoking affects oral health, if at all?

If you or a loved one consume tobacco products or e-cigarettes, our eBook is a must-read. Inside, you’ll find the latest research on tobacco’s effects on oral health in terms that are easy to understand. Whether or not you (or your loved one) currently has plans to quit, this information will help you take control of your oral health today and for years to come.

This eBook is the most important material we’ve ever published in regards to oral health because these facts make that great a difference to your wellbeing.

You’ll learn:

  • Specific oral health conditions that could be affecting you now, even though you aren’t seeing the symptoms
  • Why the nicotine contained in tobacco and e-cigarettes may be the least of your worries
  • How alcohol magnifies the effects of tobacco on the oral tissues
  • How vaping and smokeless tobacco products affect oral health
  • What research has to say about who tries to quit and which methods are most successful
  • How the dentist can help you manage and control these risks
  • Why the amount you consume matters in the short and long-run
  • And much more!

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