Dental care is an essential component of general health; and yet, unfortunately, many patients lack access to quality dental services.

In fact, according to a 2015 survey done by the CDC, only 64% of adults had visited the dentist in the past year, despite medical professionals broadly advising patients to undergo a dental checkup at least every six months.

The high costs associated with dental care are the primary factor preventing patients from attending regular visits.

Affordable and free PA dental clinics can change that.

What is a Dental School Clinic?

Before discussing the economical benefits of Pennsylvania dental school clinics, it’s important to establish exactly what a dental school clinic is.

A dental school clinic is an practice associated with a dental school. In these clinics, dental treatments and services are performed by students as part of their applied training. Meanwhile, licensed professionals oversee the student physicians to ensure quality care.

Because dental school clinics are training facilities, they offer greatly reduced rates compared to private dental offices. This makes them an exceptional option for patients looking for affordable care.

Penn Dental Medicine

The quality of the dental care provided at a given dental school clinic is dependent upon the quality and reputation of the associated school. And no university dental program in Pennsylvania has a more renowned reputation for excellence than University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

Penn Dental Medicine is the dental clinic associated with UPenn’s dental program. That means that patients are treated by the nation’s most gifted students and dental professionals with access to the most advanced treatment methods, tools, and technology.

If you are in pursuit of affordable dental clinics or free PA dental clinics, Penn Dental Medicine stands out as an economical source for unparalleled, elite-grade care. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.